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GoTo Travel Details

GoTo travel campaign started!

Precautions※Please be sure to read it

  • ●Target accommodation period:Scheduled from July 22, 2020 to January 31, 2021 (check-out on February 1).
    ●Please take a temperature measurement upon arrival.If you have a fever of 37.5°C or higher, you may be refused admission.
    ●Please see "Compliance with GoTo Travel" (link below).
    ●Please bring the identity verification documents for all the guests (link 3 below).

Conditions for participating in the GoTo Travel Campaign

  • This facility implements and thoroughly enforces the following participation conditions.
  • ●At check-in, we take precautionary measures against infection, such as avoiding face-to-face contact, and then conduct temperature measurements and identity verification for all travelers.
    ●If you have a fever or a cold symptom, check the physical condition of the traveler such as thermometry, and if there is a fever or cold, consult the nearest public health center or the Returnees/Contacts Consultation Center and take appropriate measures. thing.
    ●Regarding the use of common facilities such as bathhouses and eating facilities, set the number of people and the time limit, and thoroughly implement 3 measures against congestion.
    ●In the buffet method, devise the method of providing meals by individually providing meals, sharing by employees, or preparing individual customer's tongs and chopsticks, etc., and also when separating meals, such as separating seats Thorough three-fold measures.
    ●Thoroughly disinfect and ventilate common areas such as guest rooms and elevators.
    ●Publicly announce that the "participation conditions" are thoroughly implemented and posted on the website, front desk, etc.
    ●Make sure that all travelers are aware of the matters to be observed when booking/purchasing travel products or checking in at accommodations.In addition, it is desirable to refrain from group trips for young people, group trips for elderly people who are vulnerable to serious illness, and trips involving large numbers of banquets, as they are generally considered to be at high risk.However, this alone does not mean that it is not excluded from support uniformly, and if it is implemented, travel will be properly implemented on the assumption that steady infection prevention measures such as school excursions and educational trips will be taken. Make sure you know what you need to do.