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Shimabara Onsen

Natural hot spring with sourced springs

Shimabara Onsen

Shimabara Onsen is colorless and clear (*) and can be neutral in nature, it can be bathed without touching the skin gently, especially for cuts, burns and chronic skin diseases.
It is a "hot water for beautiful skin" that removes unwanted dead skin cells and dirt from pores and makes it moist and smooth with a thick hydrogen carbonate spring.
※Hot spring ingredients may become turbid by contact with air.It is due to the hot spring ingredients and is harmless to the human body.

Since 1967, Shimabara Onsen has adopted a "hot spring centralized management" method, which is rare in Japan.

Information on the Large Bath

※We do not offer day trip hot springs or family baths.
  • Misaki-no-yu

    Number of washroom showers
    ●Open-air bath … 2 units
    ●Indoor bath … 6 units
  • Nagomi-no-yu(Japanese cypress bath)

    Number of washroom showers ... 5 pieces
  • Nanamangoku-no-Yu

    Number of washroom showers ... 8 units
  • Break time "Ikkyu An"

    Cold and tea corner(Free)

Hotspring Information

Hot Springs

Shimabara Onsen (100% natural hot spring)※Does not include artificial hot springs

Hot Spring Qualities

Sodium / magnesium-bicarbonate spring(Neutral hypotonic hot spring)


neuralgia/muscle pain/joint pain/frozen shoulder/motor paralysis/stiff joints/house/lottery/chronic digestive disease/hemorrhoids/sensitivity to cold/Convalescent convalescence/Fatigue recovery/Health Promotion/cut/burn/Chronic skin disease


Acute disease (especially with fever) / Active tuberculosis / Malignant tumor / Severe heart disease / Respiratory failure / Renal failure / Bleeding disease / Severe anemia / Other general disease in progress / Pregnancy(Especially early and late)


Heating circulation type(Combined discharge / circulation type)

Warming·Addition of water

It may be done for temperature adjustment


Shiosai-kan 5th Floor

Utilization time

16:00 to 23:00 / 5:00 to 9:00
●Men and women exchange system in the morning and afternoon.The replacement location is daily.There may be no replacement.
●The sauna is only available in the afternoon.

Onsen tax

Adults (12 years and over) ... 150 JPY/Night
Children (11 years old and under) ... Free
Hot spring tax is charged on the accommodation plan. There is no day trip plan.


shampoo/rinse/Body Soap/Soap/Hairdryer/hairbrush/Cotton swab/razor/Hair tonic