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World Heritage Register Memorial plan Appears for a Limited Time!

  • Shiro Amakusa Dinner Cookery plan

    "Latest religious Christian related heritage of Nagasaki and Amakusa region" has been decided as a world heritage!
    Congratulations (* '▽ `*)

    In commemoration of this we will release "Amakusa Shiro Kaiseki Set Plaza plan"!

    Sashimi · Wagyu Beef Ceramic Plate · Snapper and Crab Shabu Shabu · Golden Baked Prawns ...
    A dish filled with popular ingredients!

    Weekday Japanese-style room 2 people 1 room Individually(( (8,480 yen)))
    An affordable plan (^ ^)!

    Because it is a limited plan, please enjoy!
    With popularity, extended period from 2018.12.28 → 2019.2.18!

Zorome plan of the 5th anniversary of Hotel renewal appeared!

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