【From February 2020】Wi-Fi is now available in all guest rooms comfortably and at high speed
【Scheduled for March 2020】Due to construction work, the relaxing Nagomi-no-yu spring bath (cypress bath) cannot be used.Please use Misaki-no-yu Nanamangoku-no-Yu and Misaki-no-yu
【From April 2020】Smoking is prohibited in indoor common areas due to passive smoking measures under the Health Promotion Act
Toyo Tsukumo Bay Hotel

【Official】Toyo Tsukumo Bay Hotel

【Last Minute Saver】6,980 yen! Nanamangoku dishes Plan with 1 Nanamangoku dishes Plan

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    Just before the hotel's popular No.1 "Nanamangoku dishes Plan with one item to choose"Nanamangoku dishes Plan comes up!

    Stay only from March to April!
    By using two or more people ... 6,980 yen per person!
    Surprise price(° Д °)

    Leave the room type!
    Which rooms will be enjoyed after arrival!
    The main building has a guaranteed bath, toilet and wash basin.

    Limited number of rooms.
    Make reservations fast!

Rooftop beer buffet is held!

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    "Rooftop beer buffet only in summer" Held again this year!

    Shimabara Peninsula, only the Toyo Tsukumo Bay Hotel☆
    Spend the day in an open-air atmosphere, a bit different summer night.
    The beer is the best while watching the sea from the top of the hill.
    Please enjoy the sky which is colored from bright blue sky with sunset glow, night illumination.
  • Buffet menu

    More than 50 kinds of food! 34 kinds of drinks!
    Every year it is very popular! I love beer, I'm dying, Tsukumo specialties 4 biggest beer!
    We have stocked popular brands of Asahi, Kirin, Premol and ヱ bis.
    Other soft drinks are also rich in alcohol! Let's drink as much as you want!

Guide to sister houses

  • Shimabara Toyo City Hotel

    Shimabara Port hotel close to Shimabara Port Station and Shimabara Port. It is 5 minutes by car from the hotel.
    We stock a lot of room types, reasonable price is attractive.There is also a smoking room.
  • Shimabara Toyo Parkside Hotel

    This hotel is close to Reien Park Gymnasium Station It is 5 minutes by car from the hotel.
    Located in the heart of Shimabara City city, close to various places of tourist attractions.
    We stock a lot of single rooms, reasonable price is attractive.

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