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A source overlooking one side of the sea and the morning sun and an outdoor bath and a cooked inn

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2018 rooftop beer buffet leaflet

  • Refreshing! Please have a pleasant evening at the rooftop beer garden.

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Guide to sister houses

  • Shimabara Toyo City Hotel

    Hotel which is near Shimabara-Gaiko Shimabara-Gaiko Station · Shimabara-Gaiko.It is 5 minutes by car from the hotel.
    We stock a lot of room types, reasonable price is attractive.
  • Shimabara Toyo Parkside Hotel

    Shimabara Honsaka Hotel which is close to the station.10 minutes by car from the hotel.
    Located in the heart of Shimabara City city, close to various places of tourist attractions.We stock a lot of single rooms, reasonable price is attractive.


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