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  • What kind of room types are available? feature is?

    Main building ... Elegant because it is connected to the lobby / front desk / dining hall with one elevator!

    Main building single ... For bContinue reading
  • Is there a convenience store near the hotel?

    Right after leaving the hotel, LAWSON is across the road.

    Seven-Eleven and Family Mart are also located about 3 minutes by car from the hotContinue reading
  • Is there a recommendation spot for commemorative photography?

    Immediately after entering the hotel from the national highway, there is Hosen-no-Taki Fall
    Shimabara only waterfall with a head of 14m welcContinue reading
  • Do you have a shop?

    There is an assortment of shops next to the front desk on the 3rd floor of the main building.

    Various souvenirs ...
    ●Speaking of Nagasaki iContinue reading
  • Do you have children's chairs and strollers for meals?

    Yes, we do provide.
    We will prepare it for the seat at the dining venue.

    As the number is limited, please let us know when you make a reseContinue reading
  • Is there a beer garden?

    It is the only on Shimabara Peninsula! Rooftop beer garden will be held in summer only!

    While overlooking the Ariake Ocean and the city ligContinue reading
  • Are there any events held at the hotel?

    Annual !? We hold a rice cake pounding event" during the year-end and New Year holidays.
    For guests, flirting on the stage at the dinner venContinue reading
  • Can I send a courier? / Can you deliver it to the hotel?

    We accept delivery and receipt of courier services at the front desk.

    Sending souvenirs from the local area, when baggage has increased tooContinue reading
  • Is there a beach nearby?

    There are two beaches closest to the hotel.

    ●Nagahama beach ... Unzen Kojiro, Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture(About 30 minutes by car)
    ●MaeContinue reading
  • Can I stay only for minors?

    Parental consent is required.
    You can stay if you have a written consent or if you can confirm that your parents have agreed in some way.
  • Is there a clock at the Large Bath

    Not in the Large Bath
    There are Nanamangoku-no-Yu, Misaki-no-yu, and Nagomi-no-yu Misaki-no-yu dressing room.
  • Can I pay with PayPay?

    You can pay using PayPay.
  • Can I use a credit card?

    The following credit cards are accepted at the front desk.
    ●American express
    ●Diners Club
    ●debit Continue reading
  • Can you stay with pets?

    We only accept pet-friendly plan, "Pet plan
    Only dogs (up to 1) are accepted as pets.
    For details, please see the pet plan page.
  • Please tell me the safekeeping of valuable items

    If the room has a safe, you can put it in the safe or keep valuables at the front desk.
  • Is it possible to deal with allergies?

    Please contact us first, as there are relationships with the purchase of ingredients.
    Please fill in the message column when booking or conContinue reading
  • What is the quality of hot springs and springs?

    Shimabara Onsen a natural hanging sink of Shimabara Onsen.
    It is good for health and for your skin, bicarbonate salt spring.

    NeuContinue reading
  • What is the toilet

    All rooms are Western-style, complete with shower toilet and hot toilet seat.
    The main building 1, third floor, there is a multi-purpose toiContinue reading
  • Can I charge an electric car

    No, this facility does not have electric vehicle charging facilities.

    The nearest rechargeable facility is here.

    【Kyushu Toyota ShimabarContinue reading
  • Do you have Chanchanko?

    Yes, we do provide.
    Red and purple (with a hat) are available.
    Please contact us in advance.

    Red: 60th Birthday (60 years old)
    purple: KContinue reading
  • Can you see the sunrise or the sunset?

    From the east of the east, you can see the sunrise.
    Depending on the direction of the hotel, the setting sun is difficult to see.

    You can eContinue reading
  • Can I order drinks? / Do you have any drinks?

    There is a plan with an all-you-can-drink alcoholic and soft drink such as buffet plan.

    Even for plan without drinks you can order individuContinue reading
  • Are there smoking rooms / non-smoking rooms?

    There is no break between smoking and non-smoking.
    It becomes deodorizing correspondence such as room cleaning and ventilation.
  • Is it possible to make a day trip?

    Currently we do not do.
  • What are the convenience facilities in the vicinity?

    The following facilities are located around the hotel.
    ■convenience store:3 minutes on foot
    ■Laundromat:Within the premises of the hotel
    ■hoContinue reading

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