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  • ※Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the following facilities are closed
    ●Manga Corner
    ●Table tennis corner
    ●massage chair
    ●Karaoke Room
    ●Children's Room
    ● Fitness corner

Floor guide

Main Building

9th floorrooftop(Summer beer garden)
8th FloorRooms 801 to 811
7th floorRooms 701 to 713
6th floorRooms 601 to 613
5th floorRooms 501 to 513
4th floorRooms 401 to 413
3rd floorFront desk / Shop / Western Karaoke Room"Popeye" / Japanese room Karaoke Room"Olive" / Large banquet hall "Ho-oh room" "Rainbow Hall" / Small-medium banquet hall "Tenbo Sky Lounge" "Tenbo view dream" / Japanese room banquet Place "Shiranuhi/Amakusa no Ma"
Second floorSteakhouse Shinzan / sushi Ariake / Tempura Bizan / Japanese-style banquet hall "between the Wa-kachofugetsu
※All reservation system
1st floorLobby / Bell Counter / Hot Spring Table Tennis / Manga Corner"Mint"
  • Manga Corner"Mint"
    We have a lot of popular comics.

    ※Taking out from the Manga Corner is prohibited

    Usage time 15:00 to 22:00
  • Hot spring table tennis
    If you come to a ryokan, hot spring table tennis!
    Available for free.

    Usage time 15:00 to 20:00
  • Steakhouse"Shinzan"
    Ocean view counter seats are popular!

    ※Reservation system
  • Steakhouse"Shinzan" 5,000 yen course menu (One case)
    ●A5 rank beef steak (Fillet or Loin)
    ●Garlic rice
    ●Potage or Consomme soup

    There is also a special order such as seafood teppanyaki.
  • Steakhouse"Shinzan"
    Please enjoy the sound, aroma and taste that can only be tasted in front of you
  • Steakhouse"Shinzan"
    We will prepare the finest meat
  • Tempura corner "Bizan"
    Enjoy the local seafood.
    Freshly prepared Tempura in front of you is exquisite!

    ※Reservation system
  • Tempura corner "Bizan" 5,000 yen course menu (One case)
    ●small bowl
    ●Your soup
    ●Seasonal salad
    ●Hand-rolled sushi
    ●Savory egg custard
    ●Tempura (shrimp·squid·oyster·White fish·eggplant·Blue tang·Beans, etc.)

    There are also sashimi and boiled food as a special order.
  • Sushi corner "Ariake"
    Unique to Shimabara facing the sea!
    Please enjoy freshly picked fresh fish from the Ariake Ocean.

    ※Reservation system
  • Sushi corner "Ariake" 5,000 yen course menu (One case)
    ●small bowl
    ●鮨 10 (tuna·shrimp·Hamachi·conger·flounder·octopus·squid·egg·red snapper·Horse mackerel·Sea urchin·Scallops·mackerel·Salmon, etc.)
    ●Grilled Dish
    ●Savory egg custard
    ●Your soup
  • Western-style Karaoke Room"Popeye"
    Usage fee 1 room 30 minutes 500 yen
    Usage time 15:00 to 24:00 (Outside the guests until 22:00)
    Capacity about 10 people
  • Japanese-style Karaoke Room"Olive"
    Popeye as Popeye
  • shop
    From local specialties to sweets, juices, liquor, snacks and travel goods.

    Business hours 7:00 to 10:00/15:00 to 22:00※There is a case of shortened sales
  • Shop
    You can buy hard-working chickens in Shimabara!
    As it is frozen deep-fried, you can enjoy it immediately!
    As a snack in the guest room!


5th floorLarge Bath"Nanamangoku-no-Yu" "Misaki-no-yu Nanamangoku-no-Yu" "Misaki-no-yu Nagomi-no-yu" / Rest Nagomi-no-yu / Massage Chair / Kids Room / Fitness corner / Alcohol Vending Machine / Japanese Room Venue "Kirakutei"
4th floortenant
3rd floorRooms 306 to 313 Rooms
Second floorRooms 216 to 222
1st floorEmployees only
  • Children's Room
    Available for free.
  • Fitness corner
    Available for free.

Outside the office(On the premises)

  • Hosen-no-Taki Fall
    14m high! The powerful Hosen-no-Taki Fall welcomes you.
    Many customers take commemorative photos.
  • Crown Prince Gyokei (Visiting) Monument·Hiromiya Tokuhito His Highness Princess
    It is also perfect for commemorative shooting.
  • Laundromat
    ●Can be used by outpatients
    ●Detergent/softener self-injection type(Detergent available)
    ●Coin insertion slot is only 100 yen · 500 yen. Currency exchange is also available at the front desk
    ●Hours 7:00 to 22:00·locking

    Washing machine
    ●10 kg 300 yen ... One
    ●16 kg 500 Yen ... One
    ●23 kg 600 yen ... One
    ●32 kg 800 yen ... One

    ●13.5 kg 12 min 100 yen ... 6 units
    ●22.5 kg 15 minutes 100 yen ... Two
  • Rice milling machine
    ●It can be used by customers other than staying
    ●open 24 hours
    ●10 kg 100 yen
First parking lotApproximately 50 / in front of the lobby / covered
Second parking lotApproximately 8 / next to the first parking lot
Third parking lotApproximately 50 units / Leave the hotel and go to Sakashita in front of the coin laundry / Large cars(Prior contact required)

Inside the facility·Evacuation route map